Personalised care

Every patient we welcome to our medical and surgical practice is treated with complete discretion. We offer open-minded and personalised care in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and serious. 

Although our work is grounded in scientific fact, we attach equal importance to the human factors and psychological aspects of the various tests and examinations we carry out.

Indeed, the areas are closely related and we pay particular attention to the experiences and emotions of the people who visit our practice, allowing them to feel completely at ease.

A relationship based on trust

The clinical cases we work on and for which we are responsible can be the source of much anxiety and uncertainty for the people concerned. 

This is why we strive to establish a relaxed and trusting atmosphere in which people feel they can speak freely. As healthcare professionals, the psychological welfare of our patients is just as important to us as their physical welfare. 

Our primary objective is for people to feel they are listened to and supported, regardless of the approach we take or the examinations we carry out. 

General introduction 

Medixy was created in 2002 in Lausanne and arose from the desire to establish a centre that combined private and public services by bringing the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Clinique de La Source and a number of private practices together under one roof. 

In short, Medixy aims to combine academic clinico-biological expertise with private medical practice.

As a field, reproductive medicine is about 30 years old. It is in continuous development and has made significant breakthroughs that are put into practice here at Medixy. 

Medixy is also a co-founder of the BabyIMPULSE laboratory. Founded in 2015, the laboratory is located at Clinique des Grangettes and is open to doctors specialising in reproductive medicine, as well as all doctors who require help with fertility evaluation and treatment. To that end, Medixy maintains a presence at three clinics –Hôpital de la Tour, Clinique de la Plaine – as well as Clinique des Grangettes (via the laboratory).